Trapped kitten and reflection

So I am fostering a little kitten right now, who is about 11 weeks old. She was rescued from the streets, partially feral and super tiny at 7 weeks old. She's a downright terror now πŸ™‚ Last night as I was putting her in the bathroom for bed time, I noticed the door was not... Continue Reading →

Living with constant pain

While my pain and problems are nowhere near as severe as other people I know, it affects me just the same.  The frustration and depression from not being able to work, and being unable to enjoy activities like I used to, weighs down on me some days, so much so that there are days when... Continue Reading →

There and Back, Around a Corner

It's been an exciting couple of weeks (insert sarcasm here) Between counselling, trying to increase my exercise, dealing with my mental health issues as well as my physical ones, trying to remember all my meds, and trying to balance stress and a relationship, it's been a painful and crazy couple of weeks. Learning, no, re-learning... Continue Reading →

Pushed and pulled

Life can be pulled by goalsΒ just as surely as it can be pushed by drives - Victor Frankl There are two ways you can go through life trying to accomplish your goals. You can be pulled, or you can push. Neither one is inherently good or bad, but on their own, you risk getting burned... Continue Reading →

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