Working through the tears

We've swapped my meds, and it feels like I'm in more pain on the new ones than the old. No change from the CipraLex getting increased either. Finally got to talk to my boss today, I won't be going back to work. I'll help with large events, but that's all I can do.  I've started... Continue Reading →

New drugs, a PDA, and a challenge

So I've been put on new drugs, Lyrica. And we have upped the dosage of my CipraLex.  So far the only side effect of coming off of gabapentin, is the fact that my arms hurt so bad. My right shoulder, and my elbows are tender, very sore in general. So that's the only side effect... Continue Reading →

Ah memories

Some days it amazes me what I can remember from my past. And other days I wish it would just go the fuck away. My most recent memory recollection is a couple story ideas I had when I was younger. One of them was supposed to be a journal, or a diary of a little... Continue Reading →

Counselling, take 2

GIF = Accurate Today was my second counselling session.  And while there was a few things missing, there was a few things that happened to work out. What I was suppose to do: Record my food intake (stressors if I could too) Record any extreme emotional situations Exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week Focus... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis Initialized

Hooray GIF's that visually represent my feelings. I have been diagnosed currently with Soft Tissue Rheumatism. Which translates into "You don't have a serious condition, like a heart attack is serious, but you have a severe condition, because it limits your abilities. Oh, and there's no set treatment plan. It's trial and error on the... Continue Reading →

Waiting Game…

It's weird being in that waiting phase.  It's happened several times now. Waiting for blood work, waiting for doctors appointments, waiting for the neurologist, waiting for the counsellor, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, more doctor appointments. And now waiting for the Rheumatologist. I know there's more waiting.  Blood work, MRI (maybe), more tests, follow-up appointments.  But what's the... Continue Reading →

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