Just that kind of day…

It’s been an interesting couple days. I have gone through our finances, I have overdone it with my arm, and I’ve gone swimming.

I’ve started setting myself a writing date, and I am trying extremely hard to stick with it. Which means at a random time that I predetermined each day, I stop what I’m doing and I write. So far I think I’ve missed two, maybe three days out of 11. Overall not shabby for starting a new hobby/habit.  I am still following the how to be a writer guided by the lady that I can’t remember her name. The one from 1934.

Upon following the advice, makes me feel much better trying to set myself up for success down the road. It’s a really long trip, but that’s good because I have a lot of catching up to do.

I wrote 1755 words today, which is huge, because usually I hit about 700 maybe 1000 if I’m having a good day, and here I’ve hit 1755. My arm hates me for it, and I am currently in the midst of trying to recover. Which is why I’m using speech to text to write this. I’m also waiting on a phone call but my phone is dying so I need to have it plugged in so I’m hanging out by the phone LOL.

And swimming! I have just gone to the pool, to enjoy the hot tub, and I have also gone to aqua fit. Aerobics class in the water is basically what it is, and it’s a classic geared towards those who are over 50 or with severe mobility issues, a.k.a. me!

Awkward it was fun, next I want to try the Deepwater up with it and see what the differences and what the challenges are for deep water versus shallow water. The only kicker is the pool where I live will be closed for the entire month of August. So I just get comfortable going (mostly) and it’s going to shut down in two and half weeks.

I also now have a part-time gig as a house sitter! So hooray for a tiny bit of income over the next two months LOL. At the very least it’s gonna make me get out and go for a 40 minute walk, because they don’t live that far away from me.


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