Pushed and pulled

Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives – Victor Frankl

There are two ways you can go through life trying to accomplish your goals. You can be pulled, or you can push. Neither one is inherently good or bad, but on their own, you risk getting burned out, and are much more ineffective.

Letting your passions and goals pull you through life can be an amazing journey, getting to follow your dreams and go with the flow. However you might miss even more amazing prospects if you don’t push at things that really grab your attention. Likewise, if you continually push through your goals and your drives, you may miss something that tickles your fancy, but wasn’t “part of your goals and drives” at the time, or seemed entirely unrelated.

A healthy balance of pushes and pulls, when it comes to goals and drives, allows you to have a guided but fluid Journey, that allows for the spur of the moment whims we come across in our daily life, but that also reigns you in to regroup and refocus once you’ve had your fun.

It’s the same idea as trying to achieve a work and life balance, it’s not going to be easy but it is something to strive for, making time for that pottery class while you’re finishing a business degree, or taking a drafting course while working as a hairdresser.

Just because it’s unrelated, whether slightly or completely, doesn’t mean you should completely dismiss it. You never know what experiences, people, or ideas will come from you doing these little extra things. 
—–start of anecdote——-

I took courses to complete an accounting diploma, it ended up being general management but my focus was on the bookkeeping and accounting aspect. Now the business and accounting courses cover a wide range of skills, from business writing to a little bit of Microsoft Word, Excel, and marketing and design.

I was hired as a bookkeeper, doing payroll, cash out, sales invoices, Accounts Receivable’s etc. math and numbers and lots of logical type things.

I am an artist, and a writer, and a painter as a hobby. Rarely Sometimes I make money doing these things.

In the 2 1/2 years I was at my job, I probably designed at least 30 graphic design pamphlets, flyers, and facebook advertisements…

And I was the Bookkeeper/Office Manager.
That would not have happened, if I hadn’t pushed. Any job I walk into, whether it’s a bare-bones minimum wage retail job, or a higher paid professions/career, If I enjoy the work, I push. I let it pull me to a point, and then I push for what I want from the job. I used to just let it pull me, but it stopped being appealing when it went and pulled me in directions that I did not want to go. So instead of just letting it pull me along, I push so that I can create the position that I want to do with that job.

Now also to be fair, I push to the point of stepping on my coworkers a lot of times. I don’t mean to, it’s not my intention, but if I enjoy something I become very driven, and a lot of times that annoys people because I push to help them; I push to be needed or even indispensable, not because I intentionally want to annoy people. I genuinely enjoy helping people achieve better goals, I enjoy helping coworkers fill a customers order, I want to see them succeed in what they do.

I know I go about it the wrong way, and I usually don’t see it until people are pissed off, but I try.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so frustrated with the fact that I had to give up my job. Because pushing for the position I wanted, pushing to help the staff, and allowing myself to be pulled when appropriate, was getting me to a position that I was going to be comfortable in. A position that was going to benefit me mentally and physically, where I would be dealing only with staff, and the occasional customer intervention when I was needed. 

I had to give that up, and that’s probably been the hardest thing for me to come to terms with. I’ve been letting myself be pulled, because I don’t really have anything to push towards. I’m being pulled by friends, family, and my medical team to focus on my mental and physical health.  Right now being pulled is nice, because it’s easier. However I am slowly starting to push. The last 13 weeks was a lot of pull even though it felt like I was pushing, really I was letting myself be pulled. Now there is still the pull, but I’m starting to push. Slowly, but I am starting to push.


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